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ASHA will endeavor to use the same name for a horse as on the breed registration papers and recognize only one owner for a horse registered with another association. Any misrepresentation or false statement on the license application shall constitute unsportsmanlike conduct and will subject owner and/or exhibitor to disciplinary actions as set forth in the ASHA Handbook. ASHA reserves the right to order any of, but not limited to the following: photographs, inspection, documentation of any horse currently registered with ASHA or any horse applying for an ASHA competition license to ensure conformance with rules and regulations set forth in the Official Handbook. ASHA reserves the right to deny licensing, and fees will be refunded.


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ASHA Compeition License

ASHA has received your Competition License for your Horse. Once your competition card has been issued you can view and download this on our website under Membership & Current Members

You must be a current member to download your horses competition cards. Please print this out an have it available for your show secretary during all ASHA events.

ASHA is dedicated to "Helping People Ride A Better Horse"

We appreciate YOU and look forward to another great year!


Thank you,

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